Cura estimated print time

Anyone else notice that the estimated print time in Cuba is way off? Doing a print with the medium hips profile tonight, and curs shows 5 1/2 hours. Reality is more like 11-12 hours.

Yes, the Cura estimate and reality can be quite different. I’m so used to the “time left” inaccuracies in a certain commercial OS, that I just view the Cura estimate as a best case, not a commit. (At least they don’t waste any cycles inaccurately recalculating the time remaining. :imp: )

Even in 18.03, the time estimate is horribly off. As much as the software thinks it is 2 hours in, 3 hours have actually passed. Perhaps the devs should include an option to recalculate as it goes through. (Much like Windows time needs constant updating.

You could try pronterface to print you parts. The estimated time there is very accurate after 3-4 layers of the part have been printed.

I have noticed the same thing in Cura 18.03 on both PC and Mac. Sometimes if I load an object then change the rotation the estimated time changes by a vast amount.