Cura print time estimates way off

I am fairly new to 3D printing. I have the TAZ 5. Using cura, the print estimates are about half what actual print time ends up being. Recently I printed with an estimate of 14 hours, but it too 26 hours. I am doing another one now that had an estimate of 2 hours 34 minutes and I am already over 4 hours and still not quite finished. Is this a common problem or could I have a setting wrong. Is there any thing that would cause such a huge time estimate miscalculation?

From what I understand, the differences in estimates are caused by Cura not taking the TAZ’s firmware acceleration limit into account. It is still set for the ultimaker accelerations, which are 3000mm/s^2 (i think) whereas the TAZ are 500 mm/s^2

I’m not exactly sure how to fix it, but there is a bug report here: so at least it’s a known issue.




methinks you just need to change those const doubles to match those of the machines, and you will have more accurate estimates.