Taz 6 Cura estimates the wrong time ?

So Cura for my Lulz Taz 6 estimates less time than what the actual print takes. For example for a HIPS print it estimated 45 minutes but ended up taking 135 minutes. Which is a huge difference. It’s becoming an issue. What can I do ?

This sounds about right for Cura estimates.
I usually add 50% more than the estimate.
I’m not sure why it’s always so far off.

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Hello PCH, thanks for your reply. I have another 3D printer ( Lulzbot Mini) and the estimated time matches the actual time. So I’m hoping to figure this Taz6 out. I read somewhere that it could be due to accerlation. Do you have a Taz6?

Taz 5 here.
It’s pretty odd as the Cura version I run is the Lulzbot Edition.
It’s off quite consistently. Acceleration or Not, it knows what and how you are printing.
IMHO it should be able to do a better job at estimating.
It’s not a showstopper, just an irritation.

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