Cura generated supports

Is there a way to modify the CURA generated supports for a part?
Cura generated a support that was 3 walls about 1/2" long and about 3 inches high before it hits the part. That section of the part is not attached to anything at the beginning of formation so the skinny support column and fledgling part section become an inverted pendulum and as the section builds and table shifts the part section starts swaying back and forth and is not where it is supposed to be when printing occurs. I was able to modify supports and print with Simplfy3d but could not find such a feature in CURA. Does it exist? Am I missing something?

Click on the “Expert” menu and open the “Expert config” dialog. You probably want to change your Structure type to “Grid”

I’ll give that a try but the problem doesn’t show up until the 4+ hour of a 7 hour print. From the looks of the layers info thou it still seems like a 1/2 square column and as the mass builds on top I’m still not sure if it will hold position. There is a surprising amount of drag by the print head.

It’s good to know about the grid option though.
Thank You