getting cura to add support on model?

I have a part I am trying to print which has a base and walls which instead of straight up 90 degrees from the ground - lean out a bit at say 88 degrees or so. I can print that form fine it seems as the based and the first cm printed ok at this outward leaning angle. My issue is that near the top of this part is a lip which sticks out level to the ground. I know this will need support to print right (it sticks out maybe .8cm) but I cant print it upside down to have this lip on the bed as the floor of the part is also all printed material. So what I had expected to hapen for the support is that a cm or two below the lip - the printer would start to print extra material on the edge of my part and it would grow out at a greater lean than the part wall itself (say 70 degrees) and then it would have a support base for the lip. Instead what happened is cura made a complete set of support walls to go from the ground all the way to the top to support this lip. That probably can work - but it seems wasteful in material as the part is 4 inches tall (so lots of support wall for that tiny bit of lip support needed) but also in my case the very thin support wall (cause I had it set to 10%) didnt stay stuck to the plate and when it lifted (which looked overheated) the on going printing wasnt working right…

So Im pretty sure I could re-slice this with a 20 or 25% support and focus on ensuring it sticks, but that will make the support even more wastful IMO.

Anyone know a way to make cura support this lip based on growing
out the side of the part instead of a 4 inch wall from the bed?