Cura: How to split objects?

Hey gang,

Was wondering if anyone knew how to use the “split object into parts” right click function in Cura. When I select it nothing happens. How do you use this feature, and/or how can I split an object that is too big to print?


This function only works if your STL file contains multiple objects. It will not split a solid object into smaller portions. To do that, you will need to use the “Cut off object bottom” function from the “Advanced” tab in the full settings.

Thanks Geburges, but I need to be able to split a model into two separate pieces or multiple pieces to fit my print bed. I use the cutoff feature quite a bit, but I need to be able to cutoff the sides, not the bottom. And rotating in this case doesn’t help because I’m trying to avoid overhang issues.

OK, so after downloading and trying many 3D programs (FreeCAD, Blender, GoogleSketch, TinkerCAD. Autodesk 123D, etc) Netfabb (free version) offered the only solution that I could find, and it does it quiet easily.

Here’s a link to a video that shows you how.

You can try mesh mixer too. Also an Autodesk product and free.

Oh good to know, thanks Peter.

To do this in FreeCAD you need to use the Boolean Operation “Difference”
It’s on the “Part” workbench. Icon = The first 2 offset blue circles dark and light shading.

First add an object (like a solid cube), move/overlap the pieces together as if you were going to fuse them together and make one piece, the exposed section will be the solid you’re wanting to print, use the edge of the cube as your cutting line.

1.) Select the object you want to cut in half
2.) Select the other object you’re going to use to make the cut and apply the difference
3.) Click on the Boolean Operation icon
4.) First shape = object selected in step 1. Second shape = object selected in step 2. Select “Difference” then click Apply

Export your part for printing
Apply same logic go get your other pieces parts


Split objects by creating a Mesh on Cura and highlighting the area that you want to remove. Then select “Modify Settings For Overlapy With Other Models”. “Select Settings” and add, Wall Thickness, Wall Line Count, Top Thickness, Infill Density, and Generate Suppor (If your model requires support). Change all of the values to 0, and uncheck the “Generate Support” toggle. Slice, then Preview, and it should be gone! You’re welcome! Do this for the part you want to print first, then repeat for the second part.