Cut off Object Top - Advanced Setting in Cura


Several times I’ve had a print fail during printing at a certain z axis height, and I’ll remove what’s been printed, and start a new print at that z axis fail height of the model using “Cut off object bottom” in Cura’s advanced settings, finish the second upper half of the print and glue the two pieces together.

Sometimes, I intentionally, start a model at a certain height using “Cut off object bottom” in Cura’s advanced settings, then invert the model at that slice, and save a gcode to print the bottom half upside down, then glue the two pieces together. Doing this, you can sometimes avoid the need for supports.

What I would like in Cura, is to also have an advanced setting for “Cut off Object Top”, so that you could print a middle section of the model if needed (like my current situation). Can you elite programmers add that into Cura?

Or is there a gcode line I could add that would also specify a stop print command at a specified Z axis height above the glass? Currently, I had a print fail, and just need to print the section that is missing, but I have no way to stop it precisely where needed, other than watch the print and stop it manually when it gets to the right height.

These functions would be useful in recovering from print fails, or help to print the model in sections, so supports can more easily be avoided.

Paul R. Effinger

In slic3r, you can cut an object in two at the z height you specify, then select to keep either, or both the top and bottom pieces. You can select to rotate the lower part 180 degrees, and then select to save the pieces individually, or together.