Cura 2.6.52 Can't split objects into parts?

Have some models I’d like to split up and the option is grayed out for me.

On the old Lulzbot Cura the split object option works fine.

Is this the place to report bugs?

Hello Cougarprinting,

Unfortunately, Cura isn’t able to split a single STL file. It can only split STL files such as the one linked below that are two files that have already been combined.

It was possible in the previous version of CURA. Why did that feature get removed? I really depended on that for being able to separate objects out and fit them on the build plate. I’m really very confused… surely I’m not the only one that utilized this?
Chrismas ordminint Prototype 2.0.stl (164 KB)

I used the split feature all the time in past versions. This is an important feature especially for Mini users as the bed is small. Is there plans to put this feature back in place? If so what’s the time line?

Well that stinks. All of my project files are a single file with multiple parts since changes to one usually impacts others. I nearly always open the project, split, delete the ones I don’t need, then slice and print the rest…

I guess back to the old version. What a pain.

Cura2 was a complete re-engineering of Cura… And the “Split objects into parts” feature hasn’t been implemented yet. It is listed as a “future enhancement” on the primary GitHub repository. No timeline on it – but I am guessing it will be quite a while.

I’ve heard MeshMixer mentioned as a way to split STLs. Haven’t tried that myself, but it may provide a workaround.

I’ll have a look at MeshMixer… good to hear it’s planned to be added again and not permanently removed.

I went to the repository, but can’t find where future enhancements are listed? How would I go about finding those?


Basically look in the “Open issues” for items with “Label:Enhancement”. Here’s the one for “Split Into Parts” – it started out as “group/ungroup”, then was clarified as “Split” – and labeled as future Enhancement back in July.

Since it’s all open source, someone could jump in at any time with a solution – either as part of the main code or as perhaps as a plugin. Or it could sit there quite a while, since there are a LOT of open issues. So it’s hard to predict an ECD.

I remember having done this in Lulzbot Cura before and was disappointed when the menu options in Cura LE would not allow me to do this. I found this issue here in the forum. A year on from this post, and it is not possible (that I can see, at least) in latest Cura LE.

  • does someone have a version number of Cura that had this feature working? Couldn’t I use that to save the separated models?
  • According to the thread, meshmixer might work. I’ll try to dig up a copy of that to try i guess

Happened to already have a copy of Meshmixer installed, and after fumbling around a little in the dark, it’s a first-class operation:

[Edit] > "Separate Shells"

Worked as desired, without any additional guidance. Then I saved each separated body to their own .STL file in turn. Can now fit onto a Lulzbot Mini bed.