Cura LE 3.2.21 profiles with Dual extruder printing - Prime tower


Choosing ABS and Ninjaflex and enabling prime towers the prime tower y position is different by about a mm. Same with other materials.

I have years of experience 3D printing but not with dual extrusion, and I am wondering if there is a reason for it or it is just not fixed yet?

Which version of the Dual Extruder?

It sounds like you need to adjust the nozzle offset(s).

Toolhead is flexydually V2.

I selected ABS for extruder 1 and ninjaflex for extruder 2. Then for extruder 1 I choose custom, dual extrusion, enable prime tower and see the Prime Tower Y position is 267.5289. Then I do the same for extruder 2 and see the Prime Tower Y position is 268.4 with more digits I don’t recall.

Today the program does not do it any longer, so I guess it is just one of the many bugs still there.