Dual Extruder one extruder is offset

Hi I am having an issue with a taz 5 dual extruder where when it works great while printing the ABS(Red). But when it is supposed to print the TPU(White) it begins to print it with an offset it seems.

This is what should have been printed

Offsets are handled in Cura, with default offsets based on the extruder you selected when you added the printer. If I had to guess (which I guess I do) you have selected the Dual V3 instead of the Dual Extruder V2 (or vice versa). V2 has the nozzles one in front of the other along the Y axis, while the v3 places them besides one another on the X axis. By selecting the wrong one, it’s not shifting primarily on the proper axis, and instead is primarily shifting on the wrong axis.

To fix it, just add a printer to CuraLE and ensure you’re choosing the correct dual extruder with it.

That seems to have done the trick. Thank you.