Cura LE v3.2.18, Beta Slicing Profile Discussion Thread

Cura LulzBot Edition v3.2 includes many new supported filaments and multiple cura-engine improvements. Have feedback or suggested slicing profile tweaks? Share your feedback below.

Please include:

  • Filament name and vendor
  • Quickprint profile used
  • Images of the print
  • Slicing settings if you are proposing a change to existing slicing profiles

Have you submitted a bug report on Please edit your post to include a link to the ticket.
Note: We may edit your posts to add a link to relevant Code.AO tickets as development progresses.

I’ve been testing 3.2.19, but this is the thread I found to post in - let me know if this one is outdated.

I print with a Taz 5 with Dual V3. With the dual extruder, it’s of course very common to print single extrusion jobs. I haven’t found a great way to slice a single extrusion job without manually disabling/modifying a lot of the second extruder settings. Would it be possible to create some sort of “null” material that could be selected for the 2nd extruder that would easily accomplish that?

I may have missed something totally obvious that makes this work right as-is.

This is the correct spot! The way we have accomplished single printing in the past with a v3, is to right click on the object and select which extruder you would like it to print with. If you would like to have your second extruder off during the print, you can change the stand by temperature on extruder 2 to “0” and it should remain off during the print.

Is this what you were looking to accomplish?

The start gcode for the Dual V3 will heat both extruders and play with them. As long as there’s no filament inserted, it should be harmless. Once the printer starts on the gcode for the actual print, the standby temperature should cool off the hot head. :laughing: