Taz 5 dual extruder printing with single extruder

I just attached my Dual Extruder v3 onto my TAZ 5 and am wanting to print with just one nozzle (My single extruder is currently down for repair). I read that people were setting a second printer profile and simply deleting the T1 lines in the start and ending code portions. When I select only 1 extruder in the extruder setting, Cura doesn’t finish slicing. It stalls during the slicing and just sits there. Any idea on how I can get my Dual Extruder v3 using only one extruder?

I found it easiest to set the temps of the 2nd extruder to 45C. Setting it to 0 or using the no material profile takes longer to get going, seems there’s a timeout value when the extruder can’t reach 0 C. Some settings still interfere with each other and is still a pain.