Cura Lulzbot Edition 3.6.3 Plugin Issues

Hey all,
I’ve been using ~3.2 for awhile with no real issues. I upgraded to 3.6.3 to take advantage of the following:

Custom Support Plugin
Point and click to select support locations. (Must disable automatically drop to build plate in preferences.)
Support Blocker Plugin
Point and click to select locations that will not be supported. (Must disable automatically drop to build plate in preferences.)

I am having trouble getting these plugins. When i go to plugins and “browse plugins” there is just a blank page, refresh does nothing. I also saw that there is a way to manually add the plugin from a file but I can not find any files either.

Any ideas?

Taz 6, Single Extruder, Latest Firmware.

Thanks :smiley:

Welp, I found the issue.
The Support Plugins are on the left side, with the mesh settings and translation options. The issue is I have two version of Cura on the computer. I had opened up the old version.

What’s still interesting is that the browse plugins option doesn’t work like regular Cura in that there is no “marketplace”

Hi, did you ever figure out adding plugins?

I am trying to figure out how to get the Mesh Tools > Split Model Into Parts extension. Or something with the same functionality you used to have in “old” Cura with just right clicking on a part.

I have Cura Lulzbot edition 3.6.8 and there seems to be no Marketplace/just a blank screen when I browse for plugins. I’ve never tried adding a plugin before, so maybe I’m just missing something.