Cura Lulzbot edition lag?

Anyone know if Lulzbot is going to keep up with Cura development in any way? I feel like I’m missing out on new features and Lulzbot hasn’t updated their edition in some time. There are a lot of new features I want tot try. Has anyone just input their printer info in the latest Cura? How hard/time consuming is it to get it to be reliable?

Check out

It’s still under development, but you might find something useful there anyway.


We also have alpha builds available here:

We have the machine settings imported, and should be pretty close to select printer, filament and go. As a note, this is still an alpha version, and if anything pops up please report the issue here:

Thanks to both! Will report back any findings/issues.

We have new builds available, 2.6.14 can now be found here:

We have the machine settings imported, and should be pretty close to select printer, filament and go. As a note, this is still an alpha version, and if anything pops up please report the issue here:

Hi! Thanks so much. I installed 2.6.16 for mac. When I choose the machine, it seems to go okay and then I get a message that I’ve changed the tool head and need to change machine firmware. The printer I chose is TAZ 6 with the normal tool head (which is correct). It gives me two choices, automatically change firmware, or upload custom firmware. Automatic button doesn’t do anything. Upload custom gives me finder window.

Do you recommend I upload a custom firmware, and do you have a link to the correct firmware? Thanks for your help. Can’t wait to try out the experimental settings in this version!

Different tool heads will require different firmware in order to operate properly. This pop up is used to offer an easy way to “one click” update the firmware. If you have not changed tool heads, you will not need to update. Feel free to hit the cancel button at the bottom of the pop up window.

Haven’t changed the tool head, although it’s telling me I have. When I say cancel, it still does not connect the printer. I can export g-code, but the print is not connecting. I’ll keep an eye on the folder you provided for future builds and keep trying. The old Cura still works fine, it just crashes after an hour.

Cura two operates a little differently. Have you gone to the upper right corner, select “print monitor” than press the connect button? Be sure to have the proper printer selected before trying to connect.

I’ve been using beta Cura 2.6.33 alot. No lag experienced

I like all the extra settings.
Love the gradual infill feature. (middle of part uses less infill, but roofs get a denser infill beneath)
Luv zhop on layer change (much cleaner walls)
Z Seam Alignment (better looking model, easy to sand because seam in one place)
Some many other features to try and play with…

Initial layer width:
Initial layer width is missing. The initial layer height setting is only half the battle for bed adhesion. Even with initial layer height set to full nozzle size I still loose adhesion. So now I find myself using a lot lower zoffset to help with parts sticking to with bed. If I could also increase initial line width like in old Cura it would help alot.

Custom Supports:
Beta Cura has them. But the implementation needs improvement. I want to be able to just add a support where ever like simplify3d. Cura’s approach is much harder.
1st I have find a model shape that is suitable to be a support, they dont come with program. (correct me if wrong)
2nd scale the shape to fit where needed.
3nd turn the shape into a support mesh.
Thats a lot of steps. At least preload a few shapes like towers for the user to select.

New Cura massive improvement, thanks for bringing it to us on the Lulzbot side. If the initial line width were added I’d make it my daily slicer for Taz 6.

Hello - coming back to this after some time - I just installed Cura 2.6.21 from the beta download on the Lulzbot site. I’m still unable to connect to my printer. I’m wondering if I can trash some preferences somewhere, because when I launch any new version, it still sees the old printers I’ve created. Again I’m on Taz6, OSX Sierra, and I am unable to have my printer connect to the new version of Cura. Any ideas I can try? Should I uninstall the old (21.03) version of Cura? Are there preferences or additional install files for the new Cura versions? I don’t understand how it’s finding my previously created printers because I keep throwing the app away when it doesn’t work.

Try this version: Cura 2 Beta 2.6.38.dmg.

The beta links at now point to 2.6.38.

Hi Brent - still struggling with new builds of Cura, I’m currently on 2.6.38. I am finally able to get the print Monitor window, but cannot control the printer. I’m on Mac 10.12.6. It keeps giving e the “firmware” offer. If I say cancel, it just does nothing. I finally told it “automatic update”, and it still did nothing although my printer is now different. Any ideas?
PS I got it to work (got at least to the print monitor) by starting fresh on a different laptop.

Just updating this thread, finally got the latest (2.6.39) to work on my taz6. I also discovered Cura puts files all over the place, and that was part of why I couldn’t get it to work (because I was not really starting fresh every time I tried another Cura version). Had to trash those prefs, app support, etc.

Sorry I doubled up there Brent, I thought one of my posts hadn’t gone up.

No problem, we appreciate the feedback. Glad to hear you are up and running!

I recently installed a new RAMBo on my taz 5 and was told to use the cura lulzbot edition firmware. Once I did my SD card will no longer be recognized and when I home all it starts to shake and make a loud noise then eventually starts to print. Support told me to install the firmware again but it still does the same thing. You guys have any ideas?