Cura Lulzbot Edition vs Cura

Can anyone explain me what the difference is between Cura and Cura Lulzbot Edition? Apart from the quick print presets.


Comparing Cura 15.02.1-1.03 (LulzBot) to 15.02.1 (Ultimaker) the main things that are different:

  • Color scheme/branding
  • Many small bug fixes (some specific to LulzBot printers)
  • Improved serial communication (important for tethered USB printing)
  • Better (but still not perfect yet) OSX support
  • The print window is a bit better, using a Pronterface look/style
  • Some features are a tiny bit easier to understand/other wording/labeling improvements
  • Customizable z-offset (in Machine Settings)

Generally all of these changes are aimed at making Cura easier to use on our printers as well as in general.

In the last two weeks Ultimaker has released 15.06.01 which has a completely redesigned UI engine, settings naming/organization and many other enhancements. There are however a number of major features that are missing compared to older versions that have not been implemented yet. We (LulzBot) are not adapt/testing this “New Cura” yet but do plan to in the future.

Let me know if you have any other questions,