Cura - marking trusses as 100% fill?

I have some trusses in my object that I need to be stronger than the rest of the object. Is there a way I can mark a part of my object as needing 100% fill and leave the rest at defaults (40%)?

Using 123 Design and Cura. TAZ 5. Single head.

  • Deon

This can be done in Simplify3D, if someone doesn’t come up with an answer for you using Cura let me know and I can slice something and send you the gcode.

So far, that is not possible in Cura. You might be able to accomplish some of what you are looking for by increasing “shell thickness” to a huge number. Another work around would be to manipulate the design in 123 Design.

nbmoretto, I bought a copy of Simplify3D but I can’t get it to work correctly with a TAZ 5 with a 0.5mm nozzle. It makes a huge mess of the bottom layer.

Do you perhaps have a FFF you can share for Simplify3D for a TAZ 5 0.5mm?

I tried the Simplify3D forum, but no luck there.