Cura says 90% but print is like 10% infill

Hi everyone,

2nd print here on the new machine, and used to using Simplify3D. Set CURA up to run with the “ALL” dialog activated. AS you can see, I set the fill density to 90%, and have 90 setup as the fill density…but when I print the actual piece, it is clearly not 90% infill

Screenshot from Cura:

actual print:

I’m used to typing 90%, and the print comes out an actual 90% infill. What am I missing everyone?


Seems like something is strange! Could you post the model (.stl), print profile (.ini) and end result slice (gcode)?

One possibility:
Did you change the infill after starting Control? When you choose Control, the current sliced gcode is loaded. If you make any setting changes, they won’t be implemented unless you exit and then re-enter Control.