Cura - Messy/Uneven Layers in Layer View

Alright everyone so I could use some help figuring this one out.

I am working printing a plate, very similar to a model I made years ago. Now on it are columns. When I printed it years ago, it was super clean and everything, however, now they are mess. I thought maybe it was the plastic had moisture issues or something, until, I started looking at the layer view closer in CURA and found the layering is a mess.

I have only been able to semi fix this when I change the Z Seam Alignment to Shortest (usually is Sharpest Corner). But this doesn’t seem right, and would like to know, what is going on. Why is CURA deliberately printing my layers uneven? I didn’t seem to years back (based on the printed item I found laying around)

Also for the record, it’s not the model. This is designed in OpenSCAD is nothing fancy