Cura Print Issues

We have a couple TAZ Pro printers and using Cura to print. I’m wondering what would cause this to happen where it won’t print certain areas of the project but when I stand it upright it would print normal?

This is how it should look but in “Solid” view.

This is how it will print - layer view

This is how it will print upright - which I don’t want to do - layer view

Is the file posted anywhere to inspect? It could be something wrong with the mesh, and Cura makes different assumptions based on the angle when fixing the mesh.

It also could be the slicer settings. If you can upload (or link to) the .stl file, we can look at which settings might need to be tweaked.

If you don’t want to upload the .stl file, download Ultimaker Cura 5.0, pick any printer, do the same experiment and examine the results (the new slicer engine may work better).

What software did you use to design this? The first picture on its side looks like the slicer is not happy with concave polygons. It looks like you need to edit your original model to eliminate concave polygons.