Cura modes: Quickprint vs Full settings (Expert mode)

Hey there,

Is there info on what settings in expert / full settings mode map to the high detail, high speed, and standard settings in Quickprint?



Download our latest version of Cura here:

While still in quick print mode, select your desired profile.

When switching to full settings be sure to click “yes” when prompted to transfer settings.

All of the settings will correspond with the quickprint profile you selected. These all interact in with each other, so be sure to stick to one change at a time (when first starting) and see how it goes.

For a full rundown of the settings within Cura you can find all the user manuals here:

Thanks Brent!

I’m a little unsure that this works. When I try this, the print speed is the same in the full settings mode whether I select Standard or High Speed (50 mm/sec) in Quick mode. I expected the print speed to be faster in High Speed, but if the settings are carrying over from Quick mode, the print speed is the same for both.

Are you looking at the Basic or Advanced tab? The basic tab is the default speed and will be used if one of the advanced settings (there are a few) is not filled in, and most of those should be different.

Also remember the speed is more based on the layer height for those profiles and not the head movement speed.