Cura issues


We have a Taz 4 and are starting to use Cura for the printer host and slicer. What I have noticed is when I tweak settings in “Full Settings” and try to print using the controller in Cura, it doesn’t send my new settings to the printer. Rather, it defaults to some other setting.

Example: Printing in HIPS today, set everything like it should be set for HIPS filament, and when I hit print, it sent over info as if it were printing in PLA.

What does work is when I set these Full Settings and export to Gcode and print the job from the SD card untethered. But I would also like to be able to print from Cura with my custom settings. What step am I missing here that it is not taking my custom settings from the software?


If you have the control window open and change settings, you have to close the control window and re-open it or it will still use the old gcode. I’m not certain that’s what’s going on, just a suggestion.

Awesome! Thanks, I will give that a try!