Cura not printing supports

I just got a new lulzbot mini and have been using Cura to print several objects. Some of those objects had red areas in Cura where it shows the areas overhang needing supports. Anyhow I made sure that I selected the box next to use supports and I tried it with buildplate and everywhere but each time the printer never even tried to print any support material for those areas. I am a newbie so hopefully someone can tell me what I am missing.

I have also had problems getting Cura to reliably print supports where needed.

Settings that sometimes help are the Support “Fill amount %” and “Distance X/Y”. Both of these are in the “Expert” settings. In particular, I’ve found changing the “Distance X/Y” from default of 0.7mm up to 0.8mm or 0.9mm frequently causes supports to print, even though there is no logical reason why they didn’t print with the 0.7mm setting.

You can visually check what supports will print using the Cura “Layer” view. Click on the “View Mode” icon (top right of Cura window) and choose “Layer”. Supports will be displayed in Blue, so you can change settings and see the effect before you actually try to print.