cura not pinting all the way

i am making a custom part that prints just fine some times but lately it will stop printing on the first layer
i recently changed computers going from a mac to a dell and transferred all my files over to this new computer but i do not suspect the files are corrupted because i have had a successful print whit this dell .

When you say it stops, do you mean the print action freezes and the nozzle stops moving, or the plastic stops coming out of the nozzle but it keeps moving, just doing nothing?

If it is freezing, try loading the model to the SD card onboard the machine and printing it without the computer in the loop. If that works, chances are you have an issue with the computer, possibly low resources or some sort of malicious program taking up too many CPU cycles.

If it is just the plastic stops coming out, that’s another issue entirely. Make sure your idler arm latch springs are tight enough (should be around 8mm space between the two washers on either side of the spring), make sure your starting layer height is high enough, and make sure your starting layer thickness is set thick enough. Also make sure the bearings in the extruder are able to move freely, the filament roll can turn freely, and the hot end is actually getting up to its temperature.

the print stops and the nozzle stops moving and the plastic stops coming out

Need to know more information before I can identify the problem. You are printing via a USB cable right? What printer are you using? What is the state of the computer when the problem occurs, has it gone into sleep mode? Are there any error messages displayed on printer (TAZ only) or the computer?

Hi i had the same problem, just stopped printing filment coming out , after adjusting the bed ,leveling it and checking the extruder i been printing good until two days ago i was doing a two hour print and just at the end it stopped printing i know my computer goes to sleep and the screen is blank and the program is non responding i have not tried the sd card yet but i
have tried my other computer.the program goes to sleep and it does not respond is it the program iam using taz5 and cura 15.1

fleckstar, the computer going to sleep is definitely the cause of the problem. Try disabling that.

when the print stops the taz 5s led screen says waiting for user input

Ah! “waiting for user input” means that the print has been automatically paused. Somehow a pause was introduced into the gcode. Would you be able to share the file that is having this problem. My only guess is that the “pause at height” plugin was accidentally activated and introduced this issue. Try reslicing this model, replacing the gcode you have on the SD card, and printing it again.

ok how can i give u my gcode i cant copy and past somthing that big in the chat lol sorry im a noob at this stuff im doing this for work

No worries!

How to upload an attachment to the forums: start a new message, below the “post a reply” window are “options” and “Upload attachment” tabs. Pick the second tab, click “choose a file”, pick the file you want, click “open”, click “Add the file”, then finally “Submit”. More than a few steps!

Since you are doing this for work it may be faster to call our customer support.
Test.gcode (271 KB)

there are a couple
flow feild 8.6 H2O cooling plate upside down.gcode (3.37 MB)
of files that don’t print right but this is just one of them

So, I can’t see anything wrong with the gcode you provided. One issue I’ve heard reported is that if you run a print from the SD card/LCD screen but also have the printer connected via USB to your computer, this “waiting for input” issue can occur. Try using one control method exclusively: always print from the Computer over USB cable OR unplug the cable and always print from the SD card. Please let me know (in a week or so) if this completely stops the problem, would help tremendously in getting this problem fixed!

Thanks for your patience C Bitt!

i printed with just the computer ant it still stoped should i still try the sd card now?

Yes, be sure to unplug the USB cable first.

thank you the SD card has really helped my prints they are finishing now!

Glad to hear it :smiley:


I should have mentioned earlier: the “waiting for user input” just means that the print is paused. You can click the rotary knob button (just below the LCD screen) to resume the print.

I am having the same issue with pausing. It’s running off USB, no power saver, etc. Have other 3D printers and None exhibit this! Never had it happen until running new machine today. Please help! I do have SD Card inserted, and am printing from USB. Thank you!

OH - and Sorry, it’s a TAZ 5

I cannot tell what is going wrong from the description you have provided candrprinting. Can you describe in more detail what is happening?

A faster option to get help would be to contact our customer support: (look at the right hand column below the picture)

Hi Nick,

Having used the Taz 5 for a while now I can say the following:
I was having stopping issues while printing from Simplify3D thru USB
SD Card was fine
I then installed CURA in time and realized it installed different drivers so maybe my USB drivers were not right!
Since then I now am using Octoprint with great results as well!

So main issue was USB ----> Printing w/Simplify3D

At the moment all going great! Except for ABS… Have to get a “cat box” going :slight_smile: