Cura profiles and T-glase....wrong nozzle size?

Just noticed this today, using Cura 19.12 and the profiles for the TAZ6

T-glase, high strength…switch to Expert mode. Nozzle size is defaulted to 0.5mm
T-glase, High clarity…switch to Expert mode. Nozzle size is defaulted to 0.6mm

of course the nozzle diameter is 0.5mm on the machine.

is this correct? or is there something wrong in the Cura profile?

Which toolhead do you have installed? I know the flexydually v2 has .6mm. But I assume you’re looking at both profiles using the same toolhead, so something is still obviously off if that is the case, or there could be some calculation going on that is more beneficial to use the nozzle size for the high clarity setting. Curious as to the answer myself.

The over-sized nozzle parameter comes from Taulman’s recommentations. For the most “clarity” in a TGlase print, they recommend using the larger-than-actual nozzle size in the slicer.

Here’s an article with a full explanation of why they recommend that:

Thanks for the link, that explains why it does not match.

So basically you spoof the nozzle setting so that the print spaces out the lines more, and you get rounder extrusions, instead of the flat ovals? is that basically it?

Yes, that’s a good summary. Big, thick extrusions and print slowly. I haven’t found it to make a LOT of difference for clarity, but certainly the fewer boundary layers does make for less refraction. I have had problems with layer adherence using those settings, particularly when using a single-outline “vase mode” – the thick extrusion had problems following/sticking where there were big direction changes. Increasing the extrusion temp 5C heat seemed to help with that. It is nice material and can make some very visually-attractive prints.