large prints with t-glase

I have been making some large prints, ~24 hours, using PLA on my TAZ-4. I would like to make a translucent print and I am wondering if anyone has tried the LulzBot t-glase filament. Does anyone know if large prints are possible? Any other advice on using t-glase?

t-glase is giving me no problems with a large print, although some of my overhangs look sloppy due to a steep angle and possibly due to using a larger nozzle.

My first large t-glase print was cloudy looking, but I found this link

And after adjusting the Cura slicing according to the table, the latest print is turning out much clearer. I am printing with a 0.5mm nozzle at 212C, bed temp 70c, and travel speed only 12 mm/s.

The t-glase prints also seem tougher than PLA.