Cura Projects for your models

Saving your work as a curaproject.3mf is only useful if you have multiple models on your build plate. And its only useful if you position all the models where you want them. Once your layout is the way you want, right click and Select All Models, right click again and select Group Models. Then you have to slice the model. Once you’ve sliced the model you can then Save Project as a curaproject.3mf file. If you load, position, select all and group but don’t slice, it won’t work even though it looked like it had.

A curaproject is only useful for multi model positioning, it remembers nothing about the profile you used when you created the project (at least not from what I’ve seen). The model and the profiles are two separate entities.

If you work with more than one model at a time this is at least somewhat helpful then rebuilding your layout every time while you’re working on tweaking your print settings.

Definitely why I’ve been trying out Prusa Slicer. It’s 3MF project files contain everything.