Cura Crashing. Saved Files have no objects

Hi all
I have a TAZ6 which has been working well, but I’m having an odd problem with Cura. I am filling the build plate with objects, and saving the files as I go, updating the file each time I add models. Eventually, Cura crashes and I lose the build plate as a result. If I try to load the previous successful file, it indicates that it has loaded fine, but no models are visible. Anyone know what’s going on?

I have been trying both multiplying objects, and loading them each time I add one (3mf files), with no difference. Very frustrating.


I’ve had this issue too. When I try to multiply objects the entire program just shuts down.

Very frustrating.

I also hate the way one must be extremely cautious when just trying to move parts around on the build plate.

Using Lulzbot-Cura takes quite a bit of patience, and a high tolerance for hic-cups and shut-downs.

I found using the XYZ fields to enter coordinates much easier than dragging the objects, same with the rotations.

It’s strange also because I can do the things I’m trying to do with the LATZ Cura with Ultimaker problem.


The CuraLE (LulzBot Edition) 3.6.20 sources are based on an older version of the Ultimaker Cura sources and are still a 32 bit application. Current versions of Ultimaker Cura (4.5+) are obviously newer but are also a 64 bit application.

One of the ways I’ve solved the multiple object woes of CuraLE is to assemble the objects in Ultimaker Cura or some other application like Meshmixer, export them as an .stl file, and load this single .stl file into CuraLE.

That’s a good idea, but won’t work in this case, because I am trying to use the larger size of the buildplate on the TAZ6 to organize more objects.


How will it not work?

I have created a TAZ 6 custom printer in Ultimaker Cura that has exactly the same dimensions as the TAZ 6 defined in CuraLE. I have copied across the start and end gcode with only minor modifications (less variables available in Ultimaker Cura) and have successfully sliced and printed objects that never pass through CuraLE.

Selecting all the objects on your build plate and grouping them together as one, then saving it as a Cura project (after slicing it) may work better for you. Then when you need to update your build plate, load the project, ungroup, add your new file, adjust your files where you want them, select all, group together, slice, save project.

Hey thanks b-morgan! That option wasn’t available for the UM2, but when I looked under UM3 (my second printer) it was there. I will give that a try.


Thanks JoeBowler300. Do you mean use Ultimaker Cura, or CuraLE?


Cura LE but I’m sure it’ll work on both