Cura Settings based on filament (material profiles?)


I’ve been using (and loving) my lulzbot mini for about 18 months. I have done a fair amount of reading, but am struggling on how to refine settings based on what filament I am using. Two quick examples:

  • RoHS PLA 3mm - print temp on the label says 205-225 deg C
  • Hatchbox PLA 3mm - print temp on the label says 180-210 deg C

We have a ton of settings available to us, and these specific PLA’s are not listed. When I try and use the PLA material profiles that come with the lulzbotCura install (v3,6,20) I get all kinds of different results that cause the prints to fail. I am able to tweak a bit to solve some issues, but I am looking for some more scientific guidance to align my settings to the material I am using.

Thanks in advance!

The best way to tweak settings for a new material is with calibration objects. A temperature tower is one of the first ones I would use. There are various models on the internet some more fancy than others.

Here’s the first one I found: If you slice it yourself, you may need to edit the gcode to get the temperature changes inserted. If you use the provided gcode, then you may need to edit in your own start gcode.

Just google for “3d printer temperature tower” and you will find lots of them to choose from. Google for “3d printer calibration prints” to find other objects to help fine tune your settings.

I agree. A temp tower is my first check when my mini starts to act up. So far apart from wires breaking, all printing issues have come back to the filament in use. Either it needs to be dried or a slightly different temperature to get it to print nicely. That goes for PLA, PETG, PLA+ etc except that anything white always seems to cause me problems, regardless of settings and temps. I now avoid white filament like I do the 19th Chinese virus.

:+1: I love my mini also. It just works :slight_smile: