Strategy for finding good print settings for different PLA

Hey all,
I have some Natureworks 4043D and some Filamentive rPLA which I cant seem to get good results with the standard cura verbatim/village plastic profiles. I am unsure about what is a good strategy to tweak the profiles to these filaments? Are you aware of any guides? Is just changing the temperature sufficient?
Thanks for any help you can offer.

You may find this write up useful:
It is a description of the different settings and what they affect in the print quality. What issues are you experiencing? A little bit more information would allow for a more detailed response of what specifically you will want to mess with.

Im sorry I hadnt realised you had replied so apologies for resurrecting the thread somewhat. That write up looks good.

My problem with the 4043D filament is that beyond very simple geometries, the nozzle gets clogged and it starts to airprint. Im guessing it might want a slightly higher temperature? The problem with the rPLA was because it was a bad batch - new batches are working fine with verbatim settings.