Filament Temperatures

Hey guys,

Is there a page on the site that goes over the various filament temps for all the various materials? I know Cura has them stored but I am not sure how you go about warming up the bed and nozzle prior to hitting print.

If you select a certain filament and hit print, will Cura keep the printer idle until temperatures are reached or am i supposed to get the bed and nozzle up to temperature manually before printing?

They vary a small amount by color. White abs requires a different temperature than blue usually, and they vary by manufacturer. Push plastic black abs does best at 235, village plastic black abs does best at 240, bed at 105 + / -

When using Cura to do a print job, does it wait until temperatures are ready before printing? Do I need to know temps to warm up printer first then hit print?

For ABS, PLA and HIPS I usually just set the temp to heat up first. Then I hit print. I have never just loaded an image and hit print. Does the software wait for proper temps before printing?

Make sure you have loaded the print profile for the filament you want to use. If the extruder is cold, it’s usually a good idea to to set it to the nozzle temp for the filament and manually extrude 10 mm or so to make sure the nozzle is extruding properly and ready to go. Then just hit print and Cura will do the rest.

Here is a list of temps and setting from ScottW that he made for Simplify3D that is a good place to start for most of the common filaments.
Lulzbot_Mini_v2_Universal_S3D_Profile.pdf (99.2 KB)

Wow that chart is pretty nice. Thanks!

As someone new to 3D printing that’s trying to get their mini dialed in as best as he can with S3D. I just stumbled upon this chart and it seems as if it will be invaluable for me.