Cura window using the Print Monitor tab

I just install Cura V3.6.3 for my Mini.
I do not see the Print Monitor tab.
Is there a setting that I missed?

The Monitor tab should be visible above the virtual print surface. If you don’t see that, try to reinstall making sure to clear your cache following the instructions linked at

If you still don’t see the Monitor tab after that, reach out to the support team at with the following information:

  • Operating system & version
  • Screenshot of Cura LE 3.6.3 window
  • Cura LE logs: Log locations

Thanks for the reply but I was not clear perhaps a picture will help.
The left side of the UI that I get looks like:
The help video shows a UI that looks like:
What I want is the control pad that allows one to control the machine.
All of the bottom part shown in the help video.

Thanks Orias, I followed your suggestion and did a reinstall. But first I removed all previous versions of Cura and cleaned the cache again. Now I get the control pad.