Cura issue

Had 2 computers set up with the latest version of curator for lulzbot directly off the lulzbot site link. I was testing 4 machines I had purchased for my classroom, and the display function for extrusion/temperature operation/filament advancement were not present on both! One had it one didn’t which made loading filament difficult. In essence I had to start a print feed filament in then restart when it was actually extruding. Temps were set in the side menu before printed.

I tried reinstalling several times. No luck. Now the lab has been wiped and new versions will be loaded. Hopefully they work.

Has anyone experienced this? Any fix?

Which OS? Windows/Mac/Linux?

I (and others) have experienced the control windows not displaying in Cura 14.09 under OS X (10.10 for me), but showing in the task bar. Cura 15 seemed to fix this for me.


If the “display” you are talking about is the “Control” window, then you will only be able to open it after, you loaded a model (.slt) file.