Current LulzBot Slic3r Configurations

You can find the current base Slic3r configurations on our download server. You can use the configurations to get started when you change your hardware- such as using a different sized nozzle.

Slic3r Configs

[]0.5mm nozzle - point5mm.ini
]0.35mm nozzle - point35mm.ini
[*]0.25mm nozzle - point25mm.ini

[]3mm filament, 0.5mm nozzle, 0.3mm layer height - 3mm_pt5-nzl_pt3-lyr.ini
]3mm filament, 0.5mm nozzle, 0.4 layer height - 3mm_pt5-nzl_pt4-lyr.ini
[]3mm filament, 0.35mm nozzle, 0.25 layer height - 3mm_pt35-nzl_pt25-lyr.ini
]3mm filament, 0.25mm nozzle, 0.1mm layer height - 3mm_pt25-nzl_pt1-lyr.ini

Use the File>Import Config menu to import these Slic3r configs. Review and adjust your settings as necessary.

Is there any word if Kilment will be integrating the new slicer into Printrun?

You can change the slicer in Printrun under the Options menu. I haven’t tried to integrate it yet, I’ve always used a separate slicer.

Has anyone looked into calculating a more accurate Z layer height for the Acme 3/8-12 leadscrews?


But that calculator doesn’t include the 3/8-12 leadscrews for Z.