TAZ Slic3r profiles

We have some new Slic3r profiles available for those wanting a starting point in Slic3r. There are 3 main profiles: fast, medium and fine. Each of the three have two options, either with support turned on, and set for autosupport, or support turned off and set with the standard 45 degree overhang threshold.

They can be found here: https://www.lulzbot.com/support/taz-slic3r-profiles

To view the contents of each profile simply click on them. Your browser should display the contents. To save the profile right click on the profile you would like and select “Save as”. Once saved to a memorable location, load the configuration file in Slic3r by selecting File > Import Config.

Quick question, I think I’m using a medium slic3r profile released in the past and I always get a taper on portion of the print in contact with the print bed. For example if I print a cylinder standing on end, the area of the circle in contact with the print bed is large in area than the circle on the other end. And idea how to remove that taper? Thanks!

Try turning the bed temperature down by 5 degrees after the first layer, or raise your Z axis endstop adjustment slightly.

Hmmm. Where did the profiles go? I only see one.

The next batch of profiles is being updated and will be posted soon!

I just got my printer today in the mail! Excited to get started! I just downloaded the 6 ABS slic3r profiles listed here:


And noticed they have 0 for all 4 temperatures in the Filament Settings -> Filament page. Is this normal? I have yet to do my first print, but I want to make sure to set these correctly. Based on searching and you new filament guide, I am assuming I should set these to 225-230 for the nozzel and 85 for the bed. Shouldn’t these be pre-filled in all the profiles?

FYI, the link to the ABS “Fine, support on, 0.14-mm layers” is incorrect. It should be:


The reason they have 0 for temperature is that prointerface and repetier host will use whatever their default settings are instead of what is in that profile. If there is a setting specified in the profile, the printer will only print when the temperature it reads reaches that exact temperature. That can be useful for unattended printing, but it’s really annoying if you are trying to print something and the bed is “close enough” to your temperature and you just want to hit print and go. Also, all of the printer software out there I have seen tends to slow heating wayyyy down when it gets near the desired temperature. For example, my bed might get to 109.80 degrees in 10 minutes. It may take it another 10 minutes to zero in on 110.00 exactly. 109.90 is certainly close enough that the ABS will stick well except for really finicky parts, but if I had specified the temperature I would end up waiting another 10 minutes before I could even start printing.

I learned all this the hard way by the way, so trust me in that you don’t want to put those temperatures in your profile. Took me forever to figure out how to get my prints to actually start on demand after I added the temperatures in there and had to eventually convert them back to 0.

Also, welcome to the forum!

Fixed it. Thanks!

Awesome, thanks for the info! Sounds like some PID setting could be tuned better, but yeah in general I do like the idea of being able to click and go on my own terms, so I will leave em at 0! :slight_smile:

I’m curious why the fast and medium ABS profiles home both the X and Y axis AFTER a print is completed, but the fine ABS profile ONLY homes the X axis after printing.

This is in both the support on and support off versions of fast ABS as well as medium ABS. Those four profiles each contain this in their end_code:

G28 X0 Y0 ; home X axis Y axis

While the fine profiles for ABS contains this in their end_code:

G28 X0 ; home X axis

I did not check the non-ABS profiles yet…

With regards to the posted profiles, is there a reason why the TAZ4 profiles for slic3r don’t seem to enable the fan by default?

Support for the fan itself is already within the Marlin firmware on the printers we have shipped. You can use manual commands to turn the fan on (M106 S(0-255)) or off (M107). You can also set your slicing software to do so automatically, by activating cooling (Slic3r: Filament Settings > Cooling).

Typically, you will only use a fan for bridging, or when printing with PLA, where you will usually just leave your fan on all the time. The PLA specific Slic3r profiles we have available here: https://www.lulzbot.com/support/taz-slic3r-profiles have the fan enabled and are set to have the fan on during the entire print.

Are we going to see profiles for other size nozzles? I really want to try abs in .50 or even .75.

If you’re using a different sized nozzle (larger) you can generally just change the hot end nozzle diameter in the Slic3r profile, and then adjust the printing speeds up slightly as you judge the print quality.

These profiles don’t seem to import in Slic3r 1.2 branch. Can they be updated to work? I have trouble with some of my models in 1.1.7 while 1.2.1 seems to be able to handle them. Thanks.

These profiles don’t seem to import in Slic3r 1.2 branch

The only problem I had with importing the profiles was Slic3r telling me I needed to set a bed size. Everything else was the same as in 1.1.7.


I take it back. It seems the profile imported. The temps though seem to be set at 220C and 80C for the ABS profile when I export the code.

Anyone? Also if you load the medium profile the fill jumps to 50% for Slic3r. Is this an error? Should it be 20%?

Fast = 15%
Medium = 50%
Fine = 30%

mind linking the profile you’re using?




From the main website.