Danglies when bridging

In the attached photo, the underside of cellular print shows where the filament dangles when it is bridging between the verticals. In the guides I didn’t see anything that seemed to describe what I am seeing.

Is there something I can do to minimize this? Print faster? Lower the Extruder temp?

Others who print the same file in ABS don’t seem to have a problem and stated they haven’t required support.


for bridging, you want a cooling fan to minimize droops like that. Printing slower on bridge and having the “use automatic cooling method” checkbox turned on in slic3r will help with that.


While the “Auto cooling” was enabled, the fan speeds were never set (auto of zero to zero, is still zero). :smiley:

Any suggested first values to use?

My fan will start at 26%. If I run it higher than 60% it starts to cool the extruder tip to the point the filament is no longer fluid and the extruder jams. Those are the limits for my TAZ 4. ABS does not like the fan at all. It screws up layer adhesion at even 40%