New fan mount for the TAZ!

Hey guys,

We’re currently testing a new fan duct for the TAZ. The fan duct directs air at the tip of the extruder, cooling the filament just as it’s being laid down. While this can wreak havoc on an ABS print, it can greatly improve the quality of prints with bridges and overhangs especially in PLA.

You can control the fan through slic3r, using the cooling options under the filament tab. We’re working on a guide to printing with a fan for cooling, but for the meantime you can find the stl and g-code here (fan mount ss-3):

Happy Printing!

The current fan mount won’t work with the dual extruder, but we’re working on one specifically for the dual.

So, is this useful for bridging with Abs or would it completely jack things up?

Ya, it is particularly good for bridging.


We printed and installed this mount - it does improve bridging dramatically :slight_smile:

I did screw up during the install, shorting the live fan wires (connected to the RAMBO board) accidentally with a multimeter… which fried one of the nano fuses on the board (the F3 fuse - see here:
If this occurs for anyone else, you can find a list of suppliers for replacement fuses here:

I saw the kit in an email you guys sent, and goodness knows the TAZ needs a fan. But what it REALLY needs is for the duct to blow onto the heatsink fins on the Budaschnozzle so PLA doesn’t get stuck in there. My Makerbots have 2 fans - one to blow down onto the build for bridging and the other one blows onto the heatsink directly above the hot end so the PLA doesn’t get too soft before it enters the hot end itself.

I saw where you guys said you posted the STL and gcode for the duct, but how about the CAD file itself so I can add an outlet for the heatsink?

bam should have the FreeCAD file in devel, but I don’t see it. I’ll ping him.




Sorry about that, the files were still in guava/test_parts. I’ve moved a simplified freeCAD model into That’s where I’d start for a modified duct if you’re looking to work in freeCAD.

We’ll get the Solidworks source for the final model posted up tomorrow as well.


Not having a small fan handy and living in bush Alaska was not quickly obtainable ether however in true hackerdom I did have a salvaged fan from a gateway all-in-one pc I thought I could adapt. Here is the result: It has allowed me to print the herringbone gears in PLA. Was not able to print a set until I got the fan installed.

Heh, awesome. :slight_smile:

Added mag mount to the TAZ Fan. It uses a magnet from a 3.5 disk drive and captures it durring print. Then the fan and quickly ne attached over the bolt heads when needed and removed when not needed for for extruder maintenance.

everything else is the same just changed the mount.