Debris appears in extruded filament

Dark debris appears intermittently in extruded filament. My uneducated guess is that filament that gets dragged around or contaminants from the cleaning track get on the hot tip and it flakes off occasionally into the extruded filament. The hot tip is dark around cone of nozzle. An image of what is happening is included.

on TAZ 6, ngen, 230/85 beginner mode.

My question is: How do I not have this happen?

Try bringing your nozzle close to extrusion temp and clean it with a scotchbrite non-scratching scrub pad. Remove everything. I just pinch the nozzle with the scotchbrite and twist.

Then make sure your wipe pad is clean so the nozzle won’t pick up any debris while cleaning itself. I pick out little plastic pieces with tweezers and an exacto knife after each print. Try not to rip the pad up when prying away stuff as you don’t want the hard pad to become a fuzz ball.

Then print.

Also when changing filaments, be sure to extrude/purge the old stuff out completely. There could be little pieces of burnt leftovers in the nozzle, so really try to clear everything out and extrude like 8" of the new filament until it’s pure. I think this is especially important when changing the type of filament you are using and not just the color.

It can also be small fragments from inside the melt chamber that flake off and work their way out. I see it ALOT when I am using a extruder that has had a different color in it before(dark to light colors are the most standout condition.)