Gunk inside Lulzbot filament?

I have never had any issues with Lulzbot filament but I currently have a roll of ABS white that is giving me fits and I think there is junk inside it in random spots. I had a hotend clog (first one ever on my TAZ 4) and it was bad to the point I had to tear it apart and I found some black rubbery thread like material inside (almost like black elastic but as then as thread).

I ended up with another nozzle (slightly larger at .40) and I am back to printing yet every once in awhile I get brown and black blotches on my white prints, I thought it was burnt filament but it rubs off and smears the color almost like ink would.

I have probably printed 4 rolls of white using the same basic settings and never seen this before.

Anybody else ever have an issue with junk in filament from Lulzbot?

Nope. I would call customer service. Could have been an undetected extruder machine issue.