Detail print quality

I printed these two medals today, the one on the left on the FlashForge Inventor II and the one on the right on the Taz 6 using Cura. The filament for both is PLA. On I’m using Cura 3.6.20 on Windows. My Taz 6 is updated to the latest firmware.

In Cura, I used a PLA profile and “high detail” quality setting. The print temp of 210 is the same as what I printed it with the FlashForge.

The words did not print well on the Taz at all. The smallest words “Automation & Robotics” just looked like braille and crumbled off. The Can anyone give me some tips for improving the print quality?

Thank you!

Are the nozzle sizes identical? I’m guessing the FlashForge is .4mm and the TAZ 6 is .5mm.

For small detailed items like this, the nozzle diameter can have a big impact. As an experiment, try printing on the TAZ 6 at 125% of the original.