Diamond Hotend

Has anyone had any experience with the Diamond Hotend. It is a 3 color hotend with minimal design. I found this at http://reprap.me/front-page-show/diamond-hotend.html. Wondering if it produces good results, and how much work is involved incorporating it into my TAZ 4.

The Diamond, the Kracken, the E3D multi heads, all of them require 1 fairly major obsticle at this point: Multiple extruder motors. A direct drive extruder starts to get really heavy after a dual motor setup. A triple would pretty much require a bowden setup to run. You also would need a triple extruder capable control board, or an expander module for the Rambo. There are existing Bowden mounts for the TAZ, and finding a place to stick 3 of them wouldn’t be too hard. Most of your challenges would be electrical, firmware, etc. Also bowden setups can be picky and prone to slow reaction due to the amount of fillament in the pipe between the nozzle and the extruder itself.

Try a dual extruder. If you use that alot and get proficient with it, add a third one in and redesign everything.

Yep, piercet is on point.

The Rambo wpuld need to be updated to the Rumba controller to support the third extruder.

Other than that, the videos of the hotend in action looks terrific.