Did anyone ever get their machine to work?

I never got my Lulzbot to work so instead of it being a large paperweight, I dismantled it for parts

Did anyone every get their machine to communicate with a computer and actually print?

“Captain I sense a troll”

Nope… I actually bought one based upon a recommendation and analysis

Mine works great. My older AO-10x worked great too. I’m even building a new Taz clone.

A Taz isn’t difficult to get working.

Ok, so to answer your question, mine worked out of the box just fine. I am now on my 8th KG of filament in 2 months so it runs about 20 hours a day. I have had a issue here and there and they all turned out to be very minor. I found these forums an incredible resourse.

Which brings us full circle, if you are not a troll then why was your very first post here to say you already disassembled it? Normal people would make a least a few posts saying, “I am having problem, please help.” BEFORE they disassembled an expensive machine.

After trying for a year to get it to work constantly on the phone with customer service, it was not worth it… I am rather shocked to see people saying theirs worked fine. My Robo R1, Robo R1 Plus, and Makerbot Rep 2x worked infinitely times better than this machine. I gave it to one of my PhD students to take apart to build something new

Mine worked since day I got it 2 years ago and still going strong.

Five Taz and a Mini here. Small problems along the way but they are very reliable workhorses.

A taz will print better than all three of those machines under normal conditions. And even a damaged taz is very easy to diagnose and service. I would be shocked if someone who teaches PhD students couldn’t get it working, and I would be surprised if support didn’t just have the machine replaced after multiple phone calls. What was it doing or not doing?

Try the “Active Topics” button in the upper right corner of the site for the answer to your question… seems to be a healthy number of working machines.

Well, it could always be a PhD in feminist interpretive basket weaving or something! :slight_smile: