Fantastic Lulzbot Repairs Support

I still know next to nothing about 3d printing. Last October i did a few hrs investigation into what was the bespoke printer to buy and decided on the Taz 6. Arrived on time, unpacked it, followed the instructions and set it up. Chose an intricate skull off Thingyverse, pressed print and printed it off perfectly ! Everything worked absolutely fine for the first 6 weeks, but then during one innocuous print, the hot end ended up congealed in a filament spaghetti blob on the print bed. Things went pop were the Rambo is situated. Anyway…i’m in Liverpool UK and they are in Loveland, Colorado…could be tricky trying to sort this out with the time difference and distance involved ?

No, no matter what time of day or night i sent an email, i always had a reply within a few hours, became convinced they worked night shifts. Everything to do with the problem(s) regarding my unwell machine was clearly explained, even for a total 3d printing noob. I send the tool head back, got a replacement, that didn’t work…it took a while to resolve to we did it :slight_smile: I don’t think i’ve ever had such good customer service in my life - to the point i’m enthusiastically telling people to buy a Lulzbot…despite having the problems, it’s how you handle them that counts !

So, thank you Customer Service at Lulzbot, 10/10, 100%