Distorted Infill - Low Quality Prints

Good day, I have a Taz 6 w/ the original v2 hot-end. This printer literally under 10 prints. I’m using nGen black PLA also purchased on the site. I 'm trying to achieve a decent quality print and this is what my infill looks like. I’m using the latest firmware and latest version of Lulzbot Cura. Any clues on what is happening here?

I understand Colorfabb’s nGen is variation of PETG and requires a higher nozzle and bed temp than PLA to print properly. It is not a PLA. Are you printing it with a PLA setting?

nGen is actually Eastman Amphora AM3300. You can find printing recommendations here: https://www.eastman.com/Literature_Center/S/SPMBS1803.pdf

Can you share your settings for

  • Print temp
  • Print speed
  • Cooling Fan speed

LulzBot has a Cura LE profile for nGen on the TAZ 6 that suggests printing at 230°C with a print speed of 60mm/sec. Also they have a fan speed set to 100% starting at layer 2.

The same Cura LE profile for my TAZ Workhorse updated the settings… temp is at 240°C and print speed is reduced to 35mm/sec. They still have the fan speed set to 100% at layer 2.

Eastman recommends waiting until layer 4 to activate fan and then only at a max of 60%. Their guide explains that printing too cool, too fast, or too much fan can result in delamination.

If you are using the included profile for nGen as your starting point, then I’d suggest raising the temp to 240°C and reducing the print speed … certainly below 50mm/sec and possibly down to 35mm/sec. But I’d follow Eastman’s guide and set the regular fan speed to only 60% and tell set the regular fan speed to layer 4 (and an initial fan speed of 0). This would result in no fan on layer 1 and then it will gradually increase the speed each layer until it reaches 60% at layer 4.

If you meant to get PLA then you’d want to get a different filament than nGen.

Good day Tim and thank you so much for your answer. I went to double check since I saw that you should either have PLA or engine. I discovered that it is Colorfabb XT and I was using the engine settings. Are the Colorfab XT profiles in Cura fine? Thanks again.