DIY: Mini Fan Controller

So I finally finished my Mini Arduino fan controller. I seem to have an obsession with trying to quite down my Mini. It started when I picked up a set of the motor dampers and shut the Y axis up… I can deal with the Z axis noise as it is only there on start and finish. This left me with the fan - which is really noisy. Noctua fans are known for being quiet, so I started there, but wanted to go a step further. It seems the Mini does not do much for fan control… It starts at 100% and then seems to drop to 70-80% and never change. But it’s loud. I decide to build an Arduino-base temp monitor to control the fan. I also merged my LED controller into this as well + added a funky TFT interface.

Here’s a full write-up with a BOM + source code

Updated with video, more pics.