MINI firmware upgrade to

I recently upgraded cura/lulzbot to 2.6.63 and the mini firmware to
The cooling fan for the mini control board runs at full speed and does not shut off at the end of the print. Actually it does shut off for about a minute and then starts back up again running full speed.
The noise level is irritating and has changed from running slower and shutting off ,when it should, since the firmware upgrade.
Anyone else having this problem?

The controller fan will shut off 60 seconds after the motors become idle. The stepper motors will be deactivated 120 seconds after the last motion. So, the controller fan should shut off after three minutes.

If it is powering up again, it may be because after the bed cool off period, the motors are bring activated again to bring the print bed forwards.

Are you finding that the controller fan is staying on more than three minutes after the print bed is brought forward for part removal?

– Marcio

Yes, the fan runs full speed continuously for at least an hour after the print is finished and the bed has moved forward, well beyond three minutes.
Turning the mini power switch off and then back on stops the fan until the next print starts.
I’ve tried reflashing the firmware but the problem remains.
Thanks for your interest.

The default in Cura2 at end of print is to keep the bed heater on after the bed moves forward, to allow you time for print removal. The controller fan will continue to run as long as the bed heater is on.

After removing the print from the bed, click the “Cool bed” button in Cura2 to turn the bed heater off. Fans should stop about 60 seconds later (assuming motors remain inactive).

It’s the bed heater remaining on that keeps the controller fan running, thanks ScottW,

I find that by unclicking the ‘keep heating’ box under build plate temperature’ in cura the controller fan turns off at the end of printing.

With PEI I would rather have the build plate cooler during part removal.

Actually… I really like that feature (keep heating)… And I strongly recommend removing the part while the bed is still warm (like 50c). If you let it cool down further, the part shrinkage and adhesion can stretch the PEI and lead to bubbles. Removing around 50c will make the PEI last longer. :smiley:

But is does add the requirement to manually turn off the bed after removing the print, otherwise it keeps running (along with fan) indefinitely.

scottw good point I hadn’t considered the damage to the pei.