Drying ABS Filament

Does anyone have any experience in drying ABS filament? I am guessing I can do so by placing the reel in a warm oven for several hours, but I have no idea what a proper temperature would be or for how long. It needs to be warm enough so as not to take forever, but not so warm as to soften the material or the reel. I think the lowest temp my oven will go is 150°F / 65°C. Any experience out there? Thanks for the help.

Just got my printer today (Still at work dying to go home and unbox / setup) but have been doing a lot of reading. Some people seem to have luck with those reusable dessicants that you can get on amazon. Type in dessicant - you want the orange stuff.

I plan on keeping my unused filament in a box with one or two of these to absorb moisture. Anyone else here do this?

I did it once, helped marginally. I needed to do it more with cheaper filament. haven’t really had a problem with stuff from Lulzbot. Here is link below to another post about it.


Thanks for the info!