Dual Duct Halo Taz 4

We would like to share our version of what a dual duct fan shroud should look like for the Taz 4. It will combat heat creap on those 30+ hour prints plus it cools the Print from a 360 degree angle. We are still tweaking the design but it has been a valuable upgrade when it comes to both print quality and fighting heat creap, which can be a complete nightmare. I will include some print specs that have worked well for us. We print using slice3r at 75mm/sec, .25 thickness, .95 to 1.0 extruder multipler, usally 190 to 200 Deg. at that feed on semi large prints say 6" square we print the first two layers with the fan off to increase adheashen to the bed, then increase the fan to 100% for the rest of the print. These are just some base guidelines to start from. One more thing if you are printing from pronter face it will send the code to your printer faster with fewer delays if you run it in mini mode (there is and icon in the upper middle of pronter face that says mini mode) We had problems with hesitation while printing tethered to the computer untill we started using mini mode on pronter face. Hope this helps
This file is also on thingverse.com, just search dual duct halo

Happy printing,
Open Edge Design

which hotends is is compatable with?

It works on the Budaschnozzle 2.0c and I think it will work on the new all metal hotend on the Taz 5, however that hasn’t been done yet, we plan on upgrading just not sure how soon.