TAZ Fan duct?

I have zero CAD/modeling skills, could someone PLEASE create a fan duct for the TAZ? My PLA prints will thank you immensely! :smiley:

There are already many fan ducts on Thingiverse. Oh, they changed the website’s look again, lol.

I’m planning on printing this one which fits the Budaschnozzle: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:86875

Gemini64, will that fit on the TAZ though?

Sorry, couldn’t say.

It sure will need a different mount though.

Mounting it seems to be the hard part.

Even with ABS, the TAZ is so fast, that it can use a fan. I had to turn on the cooling feature, to slow down the print speed whenever it does small details, otherwise it melts them.

Maybe I need to read, but enabling cooling even without a fan, will slow down the printer? Isn’t that the same as just slowing down the print speed? Perhaps it’s easier to just click the checkbox? instead of creating a different config for slic3r?

BTW this won’t fit without some changes… the legs for the fan ducts have to be lengthened to clear the TAZ nozzle installation, with 1013’s mods to the rear and home sensors to the left, threaded rods to the right/left.

This really needs to be designed for a front facing fan, rear facing vents and include LED lights for the nozzle at the same time.

Close, but I modeled it to the 3d files and it won’t fit as is.


Yes. You need to tick “Enable auto cooling” in Filament settings/Cooling.

Not exactly, because it adapts its speed depending on each layer. If the print time for a layer is estimated to be below 30 seconds, it will reduce speed so the layer will take 30 seconds. There’s an option to change those 30 seconds to something else.

This is great because lets say your part has a wide base but with some small projections on top of it. It will print the base at full speed but will slow down for the small projections.

Before I was having a hard time printing small things like those drawer knobs of mine. The heat would not dissipate and the parts would become a mess. Now those prints slow to a crawl but at least they come up pretty well.

There does seem to be room for a small fan on the right side of the X carriage (looking at the printer).
Or mount a squirrel cage fan somewhere, and duct it around.

I originally had a fan mount design that mounted in the back…but the Z probe ended up there, so now the fan has to move.

there might be a way to just design a different mounting plate for this fan duct, since it is in 2 pieces.


I’ve created a circular fan duct for the TAZ specifically. Here’s the link:


Feedback and improvements would be much appreciated!

Looks really good, I look forward to seeing it in action.

I ended up getting rid of the circular part - it would sometimes dip down and damage the print and wasted bed space. My newest version doesn’t have either of these problems. I’ve used it on my printer and it works great! (Though some have reported that on some printers, depending on fan size, it could shorten your x movement a small amount).

Enjoy: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:147966

I’m also currently working on an electronics enclosure that also fits a raspberry pi and a top-mounted spool holder.