TAZ 5 Left Side Fan Duct

I have a design that I print up quite often for the special needs community (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:148045) that has tons of overhangs on all sides. On my previous printer I had to wire up a good deal of additional cooling for the PLA to not curl. On the TAZ 5 the prints came out great on one side, but curled on the other. I tried to retrofit some of the TAZ fan ducts I found out in the forums, but they were all designed for the older hotend, not the hexagon, so they did not fit. I drew up a quick duct that tried to match the look and feel of the factory duct and put it up on thingiverse (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:716002). It is thin enough that it does not not reduce the travel at all and requires no modification to the TAZ to mount.

It has fixed my overhang issues perfectly. Hope it helps anyone else who was having the curling issues.


Nice! Can you share anymore information about your Y splitting of your fan wires? the picture on thingiverse isnt high enough quality to see very well? Part Numbers would be insanely helpful!


I had a spare 24v fan that matched the stock so unfortunately I have no part #s to offer.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lHPL37ZlQA is a video tutorial from Adafruit that shows how to add a second fan to the TAZ 4. The fan duct they reference does not fit the TAZ 5 but the process they go through for wiring up the fan does apply.


Thanks for the link! I have a left side fan already hooked up to my KitTAZ, but I had to hook it up to the 2nd extruder fan slot on my RAMBO. If I ever add a 2nd extruder, or if I upgrade to the new all metal hot end, the one I have will need to be rewired. Just soldering too leads is easy enough.

Thanks for the link, and thanks for the TAZ5 left side fan duct file.

does anyone know of the fan on the hotend has 12v or 24v?

5v. There is no 12v on the TAZ 5. The micro blower runs on 5V. The Auxiliary Fan is 24V.