Dual extruder calibration error

I’m sorry if this has been asked but the search feature is not letting me search.

I got my dual extruder v2 in today. I followed the directions closely and I’m trying to print the calibration print. It looks nothing like the one in the picture. Does anyone know whats going on?

Instructions: (step 27-28)

Here’s what I get

Yeah… the directions forget that the “ooze shield” and “wipe & prime tower” are on by default.

To turn off, switch to “full settings” and uncheck the boxes under “Dual Extrusion”.

That was it, thank you!

I’m having the same issue and I don’t think I am understanding what the fix was.

Here is what I should be printing:

And what I end up printing (I didn’t let it finish when I saw it so far out). I have no idea where the boxes in the top left corner are coming from:

I tried turning off ooze shield and wipe and prime but still ended up with this.

Can anyone walk me through all the steps front to back to get alignment in shape?

Looking at your picture you have a X offset somewhere shifting your print for the one extruder to the left/right. The nozzles should be inline on the X axis and have no big X offset like that.

Make sure you’re not switching back to “quickprint” after disabling the ooze shield and wipe tower. The default settings in quickprint have both those features enabled.

Check the machine settings for the x-offset, as kmanley57 pointed out. It should be set to zero.

I’ll give that a shot tonight and see what I come up with. Thanks for the hints. Pretty sure x offset is at 0, but I’ll double check that and the ooze/wipe settings.